The Steele Mixer is a newly-patented concrete mixer that adds ease + accessibility to any residential and/or commercial concrete project- big or small. Our non-electric Steele Mixer mixes in under a minute + is made here in the USA.

Where It All Began

My name is Stephen Steele and I’m both the inventor of the Steele Mixer and President of Steele House Industries. As a general contractor for the last 20+ years, suffice it to say, I’ve definitely mixed my fair share of cement material—and experienced all of the burdensome components that go along with traditional mixers.

I can honestly say that the Steele Mixer will change the way the world mixes cement material. Up until now, there were only three options to get mixed concrete:

1. Purchase it mixed and delivered by a concrete truck. The downside being that it’s more costly, particularly if you require less than a full load.  Additionally, once onsite, you need a way to transport the mix to the precise area that you need it on the job site, requiring it to be manually moved or done so by paying for a pump service.

2. Use an electric or gas power on-site mixer. The disadvantage to this option if that it’s slow, noisy, hard to clean, requires a power source, and is more difficult to transport to pour to the job site.

3. Mix by hand in a bucket or wheelbarrow. The issue with that is that it’s difficult to mix a full bag at a time and it’s extremely tiresome.

The Steele Mixer was influenced by my Great Grandfather’s work and his insight to use gravity as a tool to help mix cement material. To this day, I still have the original mixer that he built by hand, and have put it to use several times, however, it’s inefficient, requiring too much time and energy. The Steele Mixer is the next-generation patented machine that blends the concept of my Great Grandfather’s invention and infuses it with the productivity and technology of today.

The Steele Mixer saves time and saves money. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, can be moved by one person and is made in the USA.

Steele Mixer

The Steele Mixer is the missing link in concrete work and we are ecstatic to showcase how one product can simplify an entire project, big or small. 


What People are Saying

“Simple and most efficient way to mix concrete”

The Steele Mixer concrete mixer is the simplest and most efficient way to mix concrete that I’ve ever experienced.

Our company bought one just before a large residential fence project that required mixing and pouring around 150 bags of concrete on uneven terrain. We were able to set up and move the mixer quickly and easily, and the labor saving design mixes the concrete perfectly each time. It made that job so much easier and saved a huge amount of time and energy.

We have used the Steele Mixer now numerous times since, and due to the fine quality and workmanship, it has held up nicely and continues to work like new.”

~ Todd Klempan, Ted Wray Builder, Tiburon, CA

“Mix with ease using the Steele Mixer”

The Steele Mixer saves me tons of time and is super easy to use.

It’s light weight, durable and I am able to mix sacks of concrete in under a minute.

There is no easier way to mix concrete!”

~ Craig Anderson

“I would recommend this mixer to anybody and EVERYBODY”

“Recently I was fortunate enough to use the Steele mixer on a job that only needed 6 bags of concrete.
It was a base for a fountain in a rear garden. I set the guys up and went out front to load some tools into my truck. I was no more than 10 minutes, when I came back to the rear garden, the guys already had 5 of the bags mixed and in the form. I was amazed! It was effortless. The clean up was so easy. It all happened so fast I was only able to video them mixing the last bag. Portable enough to get so close to the work. The way the bucket detached, it was so easy to lift and take to the work. No buckets or wheelbarrows needed. I was also very impressed with the build quality, very sturdy and built to last.”

~ Graham Hutchinson, CHC Construction

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